Electro Plasts Private Limited is a Bangalore-based, ISO 9001-2008 certified, company specializing in precision mould-making and plastic injection moulding. It was established in the year 1992 by our Chairman and Managing Director Mr. B.R.Mahabhanu. The company is run by a team of technocrats having over 3 decades of expertise in the field of tooling and mould making. It is equipped with modern technology, tools & equipment and is well supported by qualified and experienced manpower.

  Electro Plasts Private Limited's tool room division is equipped with excellent infrastructure and facilities to manufacture high precision plastic injection moulds. As an integral part of our tool room activity, we also undertake precision CNC machining jobs.

  Electro Plasts Private Limited's injection moulding division is equipped with excellent machinery and auxiliary equipments to manufacture injection moulded plastic components for engineering applications.

What We Make

Why Choose Us

 We Serve a wide range of Industries

We are experienced in catering to the widest range of industry segments, such as Electronics, Electrical, Water Treatment, Business Machines(Vending Machines), Automobile and more, over a period of three decades

 Versatility in product sizes

We hold the capacity to produce plastic components of varied sizes, weighing between 1g and 1.2 Kgs

 Expertise in handling a wide range of materials

We mould components with a wide variety of materials. Polypropylene(PP), ABS, Talc-filled PP, glass filled PP, PC, PC ABS, Nylon, glass filled Nylon, PVDF, Delrin are a few examples.

 Design expertise

We have the expertise to design highly complex molds.

 Mold-making and Injection molding under one roof

Our facility houses both Tool-Room and Injection molding division. Therefore, our clients receive a hassle-free end-to-end solution at one location.

 Uncompromised Quality

Quality is of the highest priority to us at Electro Plasts Private Limited. We refuse to compromise on the manufacturing process and the materials we use.

 Value for money

We continuously strive to provide efficient, cost-effective and transparent services to our clients.

 Fast Delivery

Our efforts are focused towards ensuring prompt delivery.